What is an IT Support Company in 2023?

What is an IT Support Company in 2023?

— Zach Launey, President

Ever wondered why the IT industry is so saturated in the US? It's because companies have yet to crack the formula for dominating the IT support market.  With ever-changing systems of growing complexity, processes can be difficult and time consuming to document for later teachings. On top of that, every day there seem to be new technologies coming out of the woodwork for IT companies to learn and master.

Types of IT Support

In 2023, there are two types of IT Support:  MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and IT Support Contractors.  The differences are subtle yet vast–  they stem from the differences in how they charge you for your service.

MSPs, for instance, will charge a scaled flat monthly fee for each user that covers about 90% of day-to-day operations..  These companies focus on automation, workflows, and providing an expertly-crafted software stack that is quick to configure. A good MSP will provide network security and minimal service calls, all while actively catching problems before they occur.

Contracted IT Support, on the other hand, usually bills in prepaid hours.  Their clientele receives a certain amount of support per month, with overages costing more. A good IT support contractor should always respond to and fix your problems quickly while also keeping your network secure..

As with any industry, there are pros and cons to each model. Whether it's an MSP or an IT contractor, your support company should:

  1. Keep all your systems patched and keep an eye on the news for security threats.
  2. Prevent problems from happening and fix them quickly when they do.
  3. Maintain and test your backups.
  4. Provide a pleasant experience for the people they interact with.
  5. Have a good understanding of your systems and help your company grow.

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